Angel Orensanz Foundation
In 2017, FAT FRIDAY returned its stomp to none other than the Angel Orensanz Foundation—one of the most glorious pieces of architecture in downtown Manhattan. The ballroom, balconies and dungeons of this dizzyingly beautiful space provide the perfect dome for our FAT FRIDAY Krewe to recreate the spirit and legacy of New Orleans—and for you to get your NOLA-in-NYC Mardi Gras on!

With its righteous mix of revelry, reverence and decadence, the Angel Orensanz Foundation is the window to the NOLA Soul of Manhattan—where FAT FRIDAY pleasure-seekers can get lost in a whisper, or find themselves in an immaculate NOLA beat. With a big fat dose of NOLA LOVE!

Angel Orensanz Foundation
172 Norfolk Street
New York, NY 10002